24 Jan 2010

Astro_TJ. does a TFOS

Astro_TJ sends a tweet from outer space
"Hello Twitterverse!," "We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station. We hope our friends from Alderaan will receive the gift to TFOS*) like a humanoid soon!"

*)Tweet From Outer Space



crescent said...

Hey! Thanks Ed.
Long time no see!!


crescent said...

When technology fails us, then we'll return to the spiritual (again).

Can't we just leave the new technology obsession alone and miss that step before we make some kind of Frankenstein??

You see, I'm ranting as well as ever ;-)

ed schenk said...

yes Simon, it has been a long time, but i made it back

our species has no way to survive without some form of technology. So Frankenstein, Quetzalcoatl and Beelzebub have traveled along with us for eons. The only way to control technology is the art and/or science of applied common sense. And humor! :-)