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15 Jul 2011

The Impossibility of Postmodernism

Via Flickr:
Original photo was taken at the Louvre, Paris. The statue in the background is of a Roman goddess. Thank you to XstockX for allowing me to use her photo in this picture, that I layered over the top of the original photo, adding digital effects.



  • At 5:01 am , Blogger fCh said...

    you've got something going here, between baroque and pomo

  • At 9:16 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Yeah! "Post-Modern" kitsch versus "high art" or "conceptual" sensibilities. It's where its at now. Try to get global-art/multicultural resonances in as well.

    I thought you put "baroque and porno" for a minute! Not that I would have been offended!

    Thanks :-)


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