8 Jan 2012


"Evidence", originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Via Flickr:
Taken in England December 2011 on a cold, Winter's day with compromised light. Too early for twi-light, a dull light reflected off leaves and other fauna, creating a cold-looking and misty effect. The naturally occuring "art" of nature often suprises us; here there is a suggestion of some woodland drama that unfolded recently. I can only capture the "evidence" but not the actual event that occured. The tree, keeled over by lightning or the wind, creates an evocative, surreal image that can suggest much more to the human mind than the reality of a fallen tree!



Little Lamb said...

Ah ha! The evidence!

Crescentsi said...

Yes! Evidence! But who is the culprit? A wolf in sheep's clothing perhaps? ;-)