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16 Apr 2005

collaborative community collaborative communityxi1 neologism

nothin doin nothin knowin
you've got yer socks bact to front rhymes
with trotsk ee i never new

darn yer socks, capitals loss 't worlds
in fingered glass
'OP it
sunshine i figurines
slast bus home

brocken glass bracket crash
hyperlink intrusion
schizophrenic allusion persephone and
advertiZing next to nothing
in rotherham

if only poetry esque could
capture the moment NoW
past the gulf of Mexico
it could be the new art-form

goodbye modernism
whats that then
better off og gof fog crispd
incomprehendable new clouds

at whispered traces portfolio
at backhams dept. store follow
her there filed under music
or litery

cha cha chj chi
china influence felt accross
the ice of road way
to inglan's green and pleasant

m m m m tapas bart
I'll have a maceedees at workingham I'll
speak to german girls enticing
asain youths to act the fools

nothin doin nothin knowin
enuff enuff Enuff stuff
to write a poem you've gotCHA
stuff on back to front
rhymes with eyt 77 which
is as the north pole to jazz fusion
i ne'er new ham


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