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20 Jul 2005


aspiration cleanses, although
the dirt has dried, direct,
and scented land retrieves something
to be carried to a next.

devotion hastens sensory confinement.
spars with curiosity as headstrong
limited partaking, where a tinge of wind
leaves home but cannot get away.

one crimes ones way through
viewpoints stained with crevices
that redefine a kind of glass
(through which a sleeve of force) . . .

a no-fault encryption sunned upon
by less sheer poses and impersonations
of the objects and the wingspread
and the lakeview and the solace

vaults a quality of mirroring to take place
within the engineering of the pane
of premised glass, this astroverge
of empathy beneath the sky avenges

center swat team to revoke
the privileges variety imposes.
once in a deep long while
the force of second person presses on,

advances to another tier, thereby
is looked upon within the theory
of the moment saved there is potential
for a recollection of this new evidence,

seeming an indentured quality
to challenge the assumed adeptness
of long suffering projected on
an individual of uncertain repair.


  • At 7:26 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Thank you thank you thank you Shiela I shall read with great intensity - when I catch a spare moment.


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