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22 Nov 2005

The arts are leering, he said
contraposto d'or like quick sliver
deconstructionism (ars poetica) rien rien
mentioned something about her door not
having a key. Surreptitiously leaning into
voids packages surreptitiously surreality the
dance school closed early for Summer. Combien a t'il
et cetera

Ultimato IC US US [the Greek school of neologisms]
blame compulsory education, freud was a letch
I have black flesh he said one combien here
one combien there etre, surreality is impure, shite
Modernism fucked up the shit hits the fan.

Due in pre-tomato society apparently symbolism is
a metaphor good King Wenceslas and all that that is
better said in music or art or theatre like a queer
furore, Celtic drums drama folklore. (Street)
At night her breasts are clouds on the tilted hill,
In page 3 and the Polaris Gibbous phase or Dream Time,
I'd hate to be a lit-crit. She stands in a corn field
mais she's conscious oright even young ladies who wear
hearts in their eyes.

The snake, the pathetic fallacy, not even tomato nor
chaos theory will do it in the twilight, the trick
of it is, she becomes more photogenic the moonlight hollows
out her bones and you can see the muscles dappling
her skin. In a society crying out for a relevant religion
it seems post feminism (a suffragette whimper) Hers
and messieurs (a la topsy turvy) won't do it. [subjective, aesthetic?]


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