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14 Nov 2005


if I could mood you to exclaim
your druthers it would ease
shared kinesthesia or
remainder our past tense
beyond the lay typology
meanwhile topography endures
look at the landwheel burgeon
as we make our eyes include
whatever posses forge their way
toward defining at the hour
our depth perception

matrices invoke legumes near seas
no matter what serenity the sky
spills one is often young in
theory less by name than
center with capacity for holding
what I equally release in time
sans will or scope of work
that predeceases an intensity
once rumored and once fact

ligatures condone our joining
via prophecy
I lay my silver leeway down
along warm carpet near crisp fire
while the inception taps at
memory prolonged if rigor
is a color and if shapes
rely on atmosphere and lack


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