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4 Jun 2006


topography arrives one sprinklet at a time
in lifelike pixels premising distance from
formed glyph in keeping with a brand name-
d metrocal one used to practice dis-
appearing when plexing to fore-
groundball recovery its own
ballast perhaps remaindered as the kismet
of untidy pouch as unlike store room
sticks halftix would you go with me
go solo or just stay put in the neuralgia
of entombment sideways all unkempt and beatific
or in slumber where the snow used to define the lines

adroit new slumber whitens who we say we are
while under the guise of tapshoe
within many tries reaching for gobletry
in a shake or two manipulating seasoned
wintry silver blue aloft and in the nick of
lean time beaned with brine the leggo factory
gives back hemp and greased wheels oil
and steel freed pictures pressed into
gray cellular fever dreaming in drool
and pertinent psychopathy

here comes nowhere, shouts the sequel-spewing
northern type absorbing sunshine this pale
Midwesterner out by the pool in shivery
ninety-some degrees sans humid balance
now I lay me down to reach the testament
to golf and brittle gestural confection
as if shaken lace were drizzlish
yet waving under the influence
of June breezes prior to maturity
sunlight's still young and we are
always predisposed to feigning
an epistemological hoe-down that confers
on noggins the presumptuous stamp of
approval that alleges the preeminence
of external validation always a head more vital
than nutrition to these D-starved bones


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