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30 Jun 2006

variation on t'internet writing (continuing?]

I was emailing her I was texting her I was ringing her on her mobile phone from obviously the best enamoured i say when he gets down there right the day before pleased to see you yeah really really not en joue fait mes suis c'est une ciel brut sky jj erica jaune fille ma jaune fille ericature nominally etre sappho object se plonge arrette se plonge arrette toujours avec avenues

lundi etre mardi etre jeudi etre dimanche ca plus sappho object phoning phonetic from avertissement sapphic embodyment objet if da rien c'est ca the odd trains quel que chose douche remark recherche paramour grab a sandwich before the go I did the ego kid now poets r selfless iconoclasmic the identity changes to fast to wear it

the distance quel ceuleur mon amis through space is measured by space in the ether of eye right left quasi marauding the segment of an arm the space in an eyebrow is not taken but filled space, touchable space the object of space by the absence of nothing unseen sense sensory texture a haptic fuck all change change with gusto change because we are armored with sets bold and forward measured brevity with women uncultured and twining sooth of something unclaimed undramatic lines of rooms photons guise

post cultural and malign to raison we learn the intuition of measurement the running of the clock the possession of tasks the hard rein of horses hands invisible and enveloping world emails to Afghanistan she say we are the world still flat a canvas lying under the vast bowl of illicit ilucid campaigne skjie mi cherie we stop off late from work in a french cafe bar in leicester we turn in like drafts of papers signed and meaningless we dream of licking each others tongues caressing the backs of mouths deep and meaningful till tomorrow masturbating emails car and television set

poetry sets us back a way

throwing bodies in bed clothes feels the ruff sheet against her feet

U sez yeah yeah yeah u looks like an unicorn but mais oui your destined for someone elses testicles we were still repose in morning madness et vous c'est ca and words uggled like a nutters utters new words in the still eye of dreams the i conscious enough to think of the risk of surreality than to be in practice on call for seven years seven days a week sleeping now that dreams increase insanity u wear ur make up to go out avec jeff koons, de Kooning mistry jones your kaleidoscopic eyes drinking in to urge outwards thorny regrets


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