12 Jun 2008


lay zee ness is
the twi lit turn, could
Mordred fahrenheit

Excalibur; Heck! That's ex
pensive Vietnam
purros back
stroke to front

scissors, sidewind suture massage
to break a leg fractus is a lack of oestrogen
a bridge to a brick
a broken cloud

to a town a sliver
ring lining. Jaguar
Some time off would be nice
in lieu paid?

of course, but yesterday
could have likened your
to history
misanthropy anna

Conda abstains
from anything lazy
like Beethoven
or reporting history, feministic

yesterday I could have been
in nice or naples
my niece has nipples
a heist implies pimples, solipsistic

dribbles past the escort
Tina conned roast mutton
brazil nut
button, Pippistrelle, three minutes

brake pad aloof
an instant leafy
folds Flickr dither
dongle trickle

pickle insight
outsight Austwich
light switch
stabbing mugging, two minutes forty nine

living loving fucking
So lazy you couldn't do your coat up;
this lazyness

is catching like footinmouth dis
easy chairs premier place
Philip Glass sucker punch
you went to a disco

lazy lazy lazy
your pigeon hole
(lazy expression)
is full of work, 3 minutes late

There is no measurement in deed.
The more I write the more
I realise I have no beginning
middle nor end

Immortality? A strange road
that doesn't lead to roam.
Finesse sounds final
like tranquility, fiscality

not all roads lead to Rome
but words travel
to the same start, end
and middle

sleep, 8 hours, nightly
irreverent, ballsy, contentious
deep and luxurious sleep, deadline
where time

melts like the whores in
the Bayeux Tapestry
and with ease slips
down curious windows

widows, back-lit spiders
a drama greater than PhotoShop (TM)
words get muddled
a sleepless sleep (marketing)

a bad place to somnambulate
our island off the East Coast
of America
slumbers in dawns

that speach
the repetitious, the repetitious
page after page after page
I'm lazy slumbering

dancing, talking, smoking
drinking, eating,
fucking, reading, learning

not working

I never mentioned it!)


carmen racovitza said...

paid sleep dawns that Bayeux thing

dis sucker tranquility along the road that has pimples

sleep deed deed sleep

drinking and eating could murder Mordred
start it, the lazy never sleeps
he can't even keep his fahrenheit Excalibur in hand

Pippistrelle Slumbers in the dancing of
(TM) words, repetitious

page PhotoShop pay escort to Tina and her suture legs
that switch stabbing sounds

time melts the bricks of the minutes
(such a sleepy lazy expression)

I'm page I'm lazy (marketing) an instant bridge caught in the middle sleep

I pad the history of misanthropy

I torn off the drama page of course, off all history
repetitious pages , aloof on a yesterday anna Conda tranquility

insight outsight
the luxurious lazy brick
i am

crescent said...

Thank you Carmen :-)