13 Jun 2008

Reply to Carmen's Reply, Slumbers

After all purple, paid
sleep dawns intrinsic
cast Bayeux elementalism
funda //fecundity// emoticon

part 4 (yellow) decent thing/parenthesis
grab a Grammy dark
Ox. Sheep sleep a luxurious
inbetted unreasonably

content shush sleep!
the buzy never sleep// lax beside
not deep crazy lovely

just several tides before work
marketing is the middle sheep// the seaside
dozes her austere legs
for emaciated primroses// risk assessment

before the dragon
Celtic and beyond a stuffing
turns round// your a risk
features in Chinese


1 comment:

carmen racovitza said...

luxurious imbedded emoticons part her legs for a lovely sleep
just a lovely sleep
for decent stuffing

your Bayeux content looks austere & sleepy by comparison

the Celtic seaside dozes(yellow) tides in an
elementalism of dark Oxen

i say seaside dozes her tides in purple, marketing an austere //fecundity//

sheep sleep with primroses in their mouths//