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26 Sep 2008

Machine Girl

I have no objections, indeed anything special would be essence in the sense of bodily form. Delicately lovely you drive grotesqueries from vagueness by your frame to a ghost merging in malad machinery our new instinct anima mal I sense the flesh of it all will be precursor to the shell of it all keeled to the essence, persona of it all. I have no objections, similarly you have no particular objections, strangely I find you liberating by representation rather than flesh or authenticity. You insist on reality, not your reality but that you are real. What I know and what I know is fantasy strangely merge through a compliance that equals tissues of lies and truth sectioned beneath the fantasies and unrealities restrictions and undemocracies of the real... technology.

Unduly worried I take a pill to forge equanimity with computerised "actual reality". After ten minutes or so I'm believing you are actual, real, the essence of my truth the anima of me, fleshed and human. To lose myself in this would compromise consciousness to the realm of manufactured identity and perception. I watch this thought flicker on the screen, I have no objections, do you my love? "No, I have none at all".


  • At 4:51 am , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    The constant: these questions

  • At 5:07 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Circular arguments I suppose, Sheila. But societies shift one way then another - the continuing refinement of Western culture bothers me. Refinement through secular morality and technology...


  • At 6:27 pm , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    I hear you!!!

  • At 8:18 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Haha!! Yes! Any way I'm stuck in with a cold at the moment - I seem to have 2 every year now! So I shall be grumpy till Xmas! lol


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