17 Sep 2008

Vespers (72)

maturation subdivides
the lives of prophets
into decibels of speech

insistence upon
rapid-fire refusal
to relax
beyond a shadow

territory destined
to become unclaimed
contracts beneath
the shoulder
a soldier at a time
conveys no signal at all

may you enjoy the generosity
of stasis full of sweet
and nest in how
the city's laced with calm
magic as a field
you made yourself

just whisper that
to whom you call God
and listen
for what comes back
until it's nothing


Crescentsi said...

Strong stuff Sheila! :-)


Crescentsi said...

And quite f***ing brilliant!

ed schenk said...

thank you Sheila


Sheila Murphy said...

You gentlemen are very good to let me know your response. I genuinely appreciate this!