12 Dec 2008

The Nude York Times Interview, prelude : Roma.

Most Nudeyorker's male readers would be shocked or captivated during the next 3 weeks reading “Nude York Nude York”, the cover/main article published today Friday 12th in “The Nude York Times” special ending-year issue (a regular biweekly that becomes 3-weeks ending December). The Colombian shock rocker nudist Innita reveals for this magazine her 2nd long-album : “Roma”, which it’s also the name of her first [written] novel. The reason: Her new concept album narrates the extinction of the male gender, mixing science-fiction and science-facts, using ironically and metaphorically the extinction of dinosaurs and the end of the Roman Empire. “In fact, Roma is the opposite of love; in Spanish ‘Roma’ is backwards to ‘amor’ which means ‘love’”. Innita reveals how this gynocentric album/book was originated months ago in long sleepless talks with her fiancé, the biologist girl called No, in what she founds about the evolution and growing birthrate of the Cnemidophorus exsanguis’species, an only-female lizard which reproduces herself with no male intervention. In her first album, there was a sneak-preview with a song called after this unique lizard.

It’s no surprise for her loyal fans the upcoming novel, due to the hyperactive multi-task nature of Innita. Since child she keeps an almost-daily routine of writing in her diary, so, her first book flows with her artistic discipline. “Writing to me is like doing ballet-lessons in my mind”, Innita explains.

The opening song is called “Roma”, sung in English, and the ending song is called precisely “Amor”, sung in Spanish; and the in-between songs are precisely the journey of the male-gender extinction.

“Roma” will be out on Innita’s 21st birthday, March 5th, 2009, and it will be launching simultaneously with the aforementioned written novel.


to be continued .....
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