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21 Dec 2008

Yell Saccani "hang on make it slow im breathing ur lies"

Once again, the Photographer/Digital Artist from Israel, Yell Saccani produces work that acts as a lesson to photographers and an insightful commentary on human experience in a technological, media-saturated and multicultural age.

hang on make it slow im breathing ur lies

Yell Saccani is very modest about her artistic achievements, however it is difficult to fault her technical abilities, her subject-matter (full of continually shifting inflections) and her ambivalence towards the nature of digital art/photography. It is as if she is waiting for her next idea to supersede her previous one, recognising that she can stretch innovation further and produce art-works that can heighten awareness of self/consciousness and its shifting boundaries within and around external reality.

Her recent works have considered movement; a dance-like physicality, the merging of the body/self with externality and technological existence; and the limitations and freedoms of narcissism (photographically speaking).

View Yell Saccani's art/photography on Flickr.

I hope that Yell Saccani gains the recognition that she deserves. Her art is unusually high and subtle in nature, moving photography into new places, always retaining a painterly-like finish that allows viewers to experience her insights and reflect on their own experiences.


The image "hang on make it slow im breathing ur lies" is Copyright Yell Saccani - "all rights reserved".


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