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6 Jun 2009

Internet Arts - Boring?

Is the "Internet Arts scene" becoming boring? I am certainly noticing a difference in attitude and the type of work displayed. I am also spending more time on art projects in "real life".

Censorship, mediocrity, spam and a lack of experimentation seem to be the latest trends in the arts on the Internet. Certainly, there are exceptions to these trends, but they seem fewer and farther between.

Just a thought...


  • At 10:53 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    in internet arts ended
    in or around 1999

    flashy elaboration since then


  • At 11:46 pm , Blogger miCheLLeBLOG said...

    I agree. I actually think the digital media thing has also become too dominant in fine arts. The last graduate exhibition I went to was full of it and all very uninteresting. It can still be done well but too may people rely on the technology more than the fundamental skills that make 'good art'. My problem is that I often feel like I am looking at another slick bit of advertising and turn off.

  • At 12:46 am , Blogger crescent said...

    Thanks /t and Michelle.

    I was going to expand on the point I was making, but I thought "who gives a f**k any way? I've written so much about society, the arts and the limits and freedoms of the Internet, and no one much gives a "flying f**k"!

    I think, maybe, Internet artists, writers, etc. have peaked too soon? Maybe 10 or 15 years. Some have been guilty of sharing everyone else's obsession with the Internet and new technology. I remember seeing advertisers being influenced by Flickr and other similar websites. Digital art, or whatever you want to call it seems OK in advertising, but doesn't seem popular in writing (i.e. experimental) or in art that is for sale to the general public.

    "Flashy elaboraton" - Yep! I take your point.

  • At 2:37 am , Blogger Ruela said...

    Agree with you...I have to go back to "real art" more time...
    sometimes net work is boring and real too...
    we need some equilibrium!

    good post!


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