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26 Jun 2009

On Michael Jackson's Recent Death

"Michael Jackson dead? What are you talking about?"

This was my reaction when I was first told about the death of the eccentric entertainer. I would write at some length about this, however time is, as usual far too constraining.

A number of points I would like to make briefly.

Firstly, Jackson was a creation of the media and people knew him as a household name through the media. This may sound a little trite, however people felt that they knew Jackson even though the vast majority of people didn't know him at all. Jackson, with the exception of, perhaps Madonna, played the role of Pop Star and media icon/personality better than anyone else. Jackson was especially appealing to the public because he had this talent mixed with a vulnerability that, somehow seemed to transmit into the global "public consciousness".

Secondly,Jackson was a bright and very talented individual - we shouldn't let his eccentricity detract from his artistic development as a Pop performer and songwriter. His experiments with rock music and soul/pop were influential to many musicians and his dancing was excellent.

Thirdly, Jackson was troubled in his latter years by allegations of molesting children. Never out of the media for long (e.g. oxygen tents, a pet monkey, plastic surgery, skin-whitening, etc.) we may never know the truth about these allegations. Jackson was, undoubtedly eccentric and this may have been misinterpreted as something sinister. As a wealthy man, Jackson could have been the target of unscrupulous individuals. Although the allegations were proved false in court, suspicions still remained regarding his behaviour.

Because of Jackson's untimely death, at the age of fifty, it seems fitting to remember him as a talented and innovative Pop musician and performer. He brought pleasure to many peoples' lives through his music and performance. However, as a master of playing the media game, reinventing his image and frequently, innovative within the Pop music field, it could be said that he was a victim of his own, tremendous success.

BBC article on Michael Jackson's death


  • At 12:56 am , Blogger michelleFRANTOM said...

    Yes, I agree. Mmmmm....50 years old. Spot on. If you want the low-down on Saturn return astrological phases and how they tie in with his death, just ask.

    Backtracking a little - I notice that you are in a musical!! How wonderful. I grew up on amateur musicals, my parents were obsessed and costantly dragged my brother and I to the local amateur 'Light Opera' Company where we grew up trying on costumes and singing the lyrics to 'Rose-marie' and 'Carousel'. I even did a stint myself in my 30s at the same still operational company (and painted lots of sets) Probably nothing like what you are involved with so tell me more....please.

  • At 3:15 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Will get back Michelle - pushed for time at the mo.


  • At 10:27 pm , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    I appreciate your post on MJ. I felt that he may have been our very best performer ever.

    It would seem that the troubled parts of his life began early in life and kept him a child. A very sad child.

    He will be very missed.

  • At 8:15 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Thank you Sheila.

    Yeah! It proves, once again, fame and wealth doesn't buy you happiness!!

    Still, he's left a body of work that will live on for a long time, I'm sure..


  • At 11:45 am , Blogger michelleFRANTOM said...

    Doesn't anyone see the real 'dark' side of this guy (MJ)? Just watch it all pour out now, it's already starting to and he will completely fall off his pedestal. I do think he was a fucking genius, but there was real evil in him too, not that that is a problem but it isn't always acknowledged enough. He was much more than sad.


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