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8 May 2010

Automaton - Experimental Research

This is a photograph, not yet widely circulated, of experimental research into creating a cyborg. Unfortunately I cannot reveal my sources, for reasons that should be obvious.

Here, the process is incomplete. The human skin has not yet covered the metallic, robotic parts. There is evidence to suggest that human organs are used and remain largely intact, however a metallic-like substance has been "grown" using similar methods to growing crystals.

One source states that the metallic substance contains human gene codes and, therefore can be "grown" organically. This is probably done using nanotechnological methods, in a similar fashion to"organic computing".

I apologise for the quality of the photograph, but the photograph was taken very quickly at a location that I cannot reveal.

The ethical issues surrounding this discovery are monumental. However I can assure all viewers that we witnessed no signs of life, whether physical or pertaining to consciousness.

More infomation can be found by contacting me by email (on Blogger profile).

Thank you

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