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8 May 2010

Faux Advertising

And when the whole freaky weld of faces stares
back at the life you lead like do re mi fa
do re mi fa the whole punch of the heifer
punts piston and of the strange scary
scape of the performance of a shopping centre

i i i can't re sa fa ti do ri mi expand
myself only by atmospheres ti do re mi fa so do da
music concrete arabesque by Selfridges
and ghosts in the car park shuffle
as if reminding us of Babylon

metal whistles its own devices
and the clerk to the court repossesses
buildings that could have been used
to house us, nevertheless, fiscally astute
carve our spiritual ambitions towards the untouchables

lest we be reminded that money flows
from hand to hand, this less
now, from trace to trace
to ask spirits to rise from trees
would be far too convenient


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