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20 Nov 2010

Fucky Fucky 2 (And other Stories)

The key for the vagina the truth
is an outwardly Wednesday
Wednesday's child is outside the box
that porn decries

by art decides this equilibrium,
a stasis of procreation

Henceforth da numeral the clitoral
infamy of self

Help me, Notice me
I'm a fuck with a pseudonym
living insight, a flesh
a parody of paradoxes
a limpet clinging

a virtual rock, a legato
page, an art
we live within its flat, flat
canvas. Inhale the intrinsic nothingness
that's imprecise

Her breasts are mechanical,
beautiful clouds in pierced (monotony)
overkill to rumble the awful (regional)
erection, not vetted (stasis)
but non concrete (pebbles blokish perimeters

by chance or a Governmental splendour)
this miasma du choix (globalising inference)
or compliance (notice the political reference)

danse du vie
danse de mort
danse macarbre
danse de naissance
danse du combat
sing the song of doing

Listen! Ecoutez d'amour
her heartbeat faster
faster fasting, like a machine
when the music's over
our heartbeats meet across
the divide of the unfamiliar
and the famous


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