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14 Nov 2010

Woman with Lines and Colour 2

Woman with Lines and Colour 2, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

f***ing the Winter sky line
bluebells coarse in fields
Winter rummaging in your pants
like velvet amongst snow drifts

The man is a fable and
crosses the scene like garbage cans
littered petunias comforted
by choice

Shoes, pebbles blokeish perimeters
fields the sky ascends broken meters
climbing parched

Incessant motion moved by truth
awful and insistent floating
intent anguish and skies
in asymmetric odditty

With a governmental splendour
the rash of incest
And, whence by this truth
it automatically assumes its opposite

or juxtaposed by chance, dance,
romance, lust or its opposite
if it escalated I'd presume
that I'd be amazed if they'd
put glass in it.


The text is an excerpt from a recent poem by the artist.

Thank you to XstockX (Julie) for letting me use her photograph in this picture.


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