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3 Mar 2011


NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS), originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Unnecessary complexity, chaos, financial woe and a gradual erosion are all symptoms of a sick NHS in the UK. However, most of us who reside in the UK already know this, so I opted for a more subtle conceptual approach that can be compared to a mechanism of infinite complexity, that cannot do the job that it was originally created to do.

I also attempted to address abitrariness and the intrinsic nature of the NHS to British culture/society, both conceptually and actually. I won't expand on these ideas any further in written form, because the perception of the viewer is intrinsic to the arts, particularly to abstract art.

The idea of inserting text into the already complex visual forms, was to attempt to render the text partially unreadable and to partially cohere text with the visual forms. Some words retain an identity seperate from the visual forms and "shout out" phrases, some that appear to be abitrary and others, such as "Whistleblow" "Car Crash" "Corporate" and "illegal" that have a direct relevence to the overriding concept of the work.



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