6 Mar 2011

True Confessions.

The Making Of Rockanrose, 1.
Innita's makeover.

Saturday, March 5, 2011.
(Excuse any flaws of my broken English, again.)

Back in , June 11 2010 I did make a kind of back-to-the-basics feeling about Innita when I picked her new album's title: “Rockanrose”: rock as thornes, love as roses, the synopsis of my Innita's attitude (by the way, the lack of the “d” in the title was purposedly avoiding male item if it could had been “Rock-andros-e”). It has been a long road since then. Weeks before that, my manager had hired a couple of female creative consultants. We have lots of meetings. They were like producers for a musician/band or like curators for a fine artist: it is, lot of healthy laughs but also lot of headaches. The best advice they gave me was focusing the face of Innita in one single model. For years the face of Innita had several models, from then-girlfriends to anonimous faces found on internet and printed magazines. Their advice was great, but making it real was another thing. I couldn't achieve to draw the right face ….for weeks! simply I had no satisfaction. I was stressed those weeks, even I was close to given up all Innita project, as pathetic as that I felt. Until one early november night, via Facebook friends' posts, I watched Taylor Momsen, singer of The Pretty Reckless, on “Makes Me Wanna Die” video-clip. I youtube-ed more videos and I watched her singing on Letterman's show and I was hooked-up with her onstage voice. Minutes later, I did read about the making of “Makes Me Wanna Die” video, and its original narration was Taylor Momsen, band's frontwoman, singer and song-writer, walking in a progressive striptease till get naked in a cementery and die, but Taylor is 17, so legally impossible to do it, she, a nudist-at-heart!

I didn´t know nothing about Taylor Momsen. I knew about her for that video-clip. I just remind one single photo of Gossip Girl's cast, but I never watched that series before. That night I knew she was an actress because Luis Fernando, a close vegan friend, told me that same night, along with sending me another video's link, “miss Nothing”, where she represents Mary Magdalene. A couple of weeks later, I decided Taylor being my “official” reference-model for drawing Innita. I even reduced Innita's breast again inspired in Momsen's body.

Being Innita a rockstar in the vegan-dream radial-world, some of actual Innita's-story-followers had naivedly related Innita with the superstar Lady Gaga of this world. But no. Sorry but comparing the boring Gaga's “Born this way” with Taylor Momsen wearing “I F*ck for Satan” T-shirt, both news of these days, Taylor wins Gaga by far.

Finally, I did want to release “Rockanrose” album today, Innita's birthday, but the chair for Innita's voice is still empty, so back in December I realized we ( me and Esteban Martinez, the composer) couldn´t make it, so I picked Taylor's birthday for releasing it in a symbolic heart-felt 'acknowledgment'. The quest for Innita's voice is still on the run.

continuar√° .....
to be continued .....


model / modelo: Taylor Momsen

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