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21 Dec 2012

crescentsi's photostream

Bejewelled 2Bejewelled 1Tate ModernHigh FinancesJulie: Subtle Distortions
Salsa BallCutty Sark at Greenwich Village 2Post (your) MemoirA View from Greenwich Village 2Pliable Surface
Phoenix RisingCanary Wharf 3The Cutty Sark at Greenwich VillageA View from Greenwich VillageCanary Wharf 2Canary Wharf 1
Suspension (Eugenics?)Words MechanismPlus ca Change, Plus c'est la Meme Chose"Head Over"Your Face is Numbered 1 to 10A Trace of a Trace

Digital Art, Art and photography by Simon Harris (aka Crescent).


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