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12 Dec 2012

A very apt word 
starved of culture(s) perhaps?

Alien, distance du loin
a la mecredi (rouge et jaune)
money (Tuesday)

an entity, entirety
a misanthropic recluse par
an advertisement
hanging from a ceiling
as money changed hands 4
Excalibur (Friday)

(symmetry, arabesque attitude)
para (envision) re: leverage
in the great church to
high capitalism (Sunday)

A paean for (several meanings here)
a pastiche of simulacra
(referring to pathos)
you, an aloof creature....  (Dark Ages 4 lundi)

(Friday 28th December 2012)
Networking is symptomatic
of a lack of opportunity and
distance metaphorical and
/or actual entre nous (recherche encore)
faux faux-political correctness
compassion (fear of libel) ((money))
elicit illicit elicit illicit elicit illicit

The reason(s) le pourquoi et le
comment is everything must
be this way that is,
the rhyme the reason, the spirit,
the practicality and the materiality
of it

that is here to stay
but in
terminal flux.

Dogma one suspects
a filigree, Oriental influence a
bricolage of Eastern cultures
and with this, by
an avant-garde for the West

Trade for the East.  The Cutty Sark
perched historical
at Greenwich (Samedi)

in a media frenzy we
are fucked by our lack
of proximity to
the real (i)
ty disposition

impermeable (instigate)
(ii) conscious of solipsism
(January 1st 2013)



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