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3 Aug 2005


craft. distinguishes each
tree from fledgeling tone
cipating a fresh song.

young inference be-
stows a wing on care
as if treasure in-
herently were reassuring.

vastness overthrows pinched
tidy view. sunlight wedged
between the two sides
of a vise, playing out

the fear so gradually
it is like playing by ear,
only the silence negates
approach. fragments become

the sole hope. low grade
apostasy say some.
sum of parts no more
than sum.

relive the faith relieve
the fat of "i" to "h"
recover from end
ow, meant to be

sugared as it works
not to control, even accept
responsibility. each level
blends into the ones above,

below, the undertow
is chilling and persuasive.
listen to nothing while you overlap
with your environment.

to sing is to participate
in what's already there.
the confraternity of distances
induces fluctuation. all the time

we occupy this space,
locate a pace for drawing
mood and mood, the qualmed
estate of ratcheting a single-

mooded inference. this is
unyielding, this relaxes
tendency from trinity,
the yoke parading as unceasing love.


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