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27 Aug 2005


commingling (tingling) prayer and your extrusive vehemence, one
dandles goods and services while leaning into saving nest line
qua blue butterfly exotica redeeming clothing
left aswaddle contrary to the victuals expected.

pump that thread into my broom, said she.
record your better dresses forthright into activist sumatra
toward a blind alley somewhere off
to the presumptive right.

whosoever lane shifts shall be mortified under the surf.
unlikely pottery gleams from glaze
as if daylight owned the exquisition of calligraphy
in time for tunable moments teach-free.

the scissors, my young hope wound.
the block lettering.
the sharp duplicity.
the window light.


  • At 6:17 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    I like the drama in the last verse and the continuing amibiguities+ambiguities+ambiguities.......


  • At 6:01 am , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    thanks, C!

  • At 9:10 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Hi Sheila

    Maybe I should have explained what I meant in more detail? It seems that your poetry relies on the readers' perception more than attempting to express a clear meaning. Many of the lines can be interpeted in numerous ways, hence my phrase "ambiguity plus ambiguity".

    Your poetry seems to enquire about meaning its self, more than communicating a clear meaning.


  • At 8:32 pm , Anonymous annabloomssallytokk said...

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  • At 12:31 am , Blogger Neon said...

    Hi Sheila

    I appreciate 'The Daylight Sections' series very much.

    Language is ambiguous by nature. The beauty in your art is the way you give 'hints' to imagination. 'Shaping' readers perception.


  • At 12:40 am , Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

    Neon, your feedback is greatly apprciated. I like the perspective you've brought to this series. Thank you!

  • At 3:15 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Hi Sheila,

    I agree with Neon. Neon, Thanks for posting I'll send you an invite if you'd like to join.



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