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25 Aug 2005


impingerie defrays the cost of privacy.
you demean our subsection when you activate
the daisy spray. why not
cultivate some new mood and forecast.

thus began a wayward mode of relating:
tincture of habitat the size of moon
on rain if coexistence were not frailty.
she mindangered my inductive reach.

look inward fresh lark angel.
it is here we drape our days with
subsumatra light rays. spatulae
give wont to elevation in triune

days, some votive and some street-
smacked. some redeemed and some
acquired. some besieged and some
still gunned down by euphrates

territorial rambunction. it is dizzying
how little two extractivists can have
in common. any day now,
two-by-fours are going to stretch

beyond the treasures nicked hors d'oeuvres
and claim them for a sandwich.
then our recency will look like flame
by way of ash. if memory serves,

and memory does not, you're one foot
from your regiment, and I'm the corpus
cheeze. you're an emblem from
a motivating summer. I'm nothing

more than spring, misplaced
amid the falling leaves, encompassing
a feat of autumn where
it's taught to hurt.


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