9 Oct 2005


this is adagio, the silver rain white tea full leaf
rarest of all teas, high grown white China tea
plucked in the spring

white, downy buds immediately air-dried,
yield a low-caffeine tea

white silver tip white tea and white peony tea
stand in the cup upright
like bamboo shoots after spring rain

silver tip white
tea, rare Chinese white
white tea
green tea

oolong tea, black tea
artistic tea
she liked its hint of grassiness and complex flavor

silver needle white tea
white persian melon


Anonymous said...

WOW---Stein-esque...gorgeous work all over this blog...

Sheila Murphy said...

muchas gracias, Lewis!

Crescentsi said...

Thanks Lew

and Thank you Sheila for your continued posting, despite my lack of time to barely touch my blog at the moment!


mitsubachi said...

That's lovely bright imagery. I adore it.

You're added to my bookmarks. Thanks.

Crescentsi said...

Thanks Mitsubachi
Nice to see somebody from the media industry posting :)


mitsubachi said...

I wouldn't quite say that... there was no better option for occasionally published short story writer and caffiend.

I will be letting the people at blogger know my disatisfaction at this promptly, don't you worry! hehe.