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29 Oct 2005


"all broken" hard meter between cracks
step step to step step to (formed)
"motivate me, productive(ly)," 'dernist failures
by form'd future "as mere closure"
attempting step to add can
split D says "universals are autono"
must it but form self(s) construct "pass
it" 'ernist 'lure blanket fails
covering one foot right leg over left
knees together news no head
under (stood) up stamping foot to
foot exhaust diesel material construction bend (d)
foot feet stamp "search't stability,
is it understood?" not for a more
lined telephone were links (furniture,
galaxy) payphone "that callee, that
callee," 4X4 metered out posted "ma, ma
ma, da, ern" pants at
hips left arm under crooked head bent
hand back paper pillows spread
shadow 2pm to 5 pm rolling "to
latch't" butt cigarette over curbs (little concrete
edge broken repaired shoes off
sock under ear left leg stretched (ing)
out "ah," roll over (sky)


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