19 May 2006


oh to be eighty-seven
(degrees) again when
loitering costs few
nothings already allocated
south and just the daisies
and our eyes to watch
are here it's time for
froth on latte on the cusp
of an already empty white
board halting overcast
(the fringe white sofa
holds apart our cherished
lines that volley back and
(offer) forth one fever
one sublime intention
no one but no one can cast
a moment's derivation
from the north when compass
lies full of direction
and the swatted flies are
here four ways to have been
danced like this my
Kathryn are you glistening
from the upper registers
the de rigeur integrity
and chanceful migratory
dream draw through the country
over highways and the perfect
geometric yards in your
sport car your utility your
devoted speech and eyes

was it a safe flight
a soft flight did you feel
goodbye as it was sung
by us for us within us
was that you with the infectious
voice the motion without
silence at all was the mere
feat of calligraphy your form
was justice this was your
still young face pure again
was everything as full as you
imagined were there stages
were there sets and was the chore
ography good as yours and in your eyes
was there a founded majesty
to fill you fit you free you
are you always there and still
here with us anyway

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Crescentsi said...

Impressive (inflections)