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20 May 2006

strangely [as an adjective] and without time to get out my camera [time = nothing/everything] i find myself blogging in the pursuit of words and their inflections. Words, momentarily, crack and fickle the mind, stirring out contours and avenues, hearsay and inventive heresy, which so many people are at these days. And as words turn to images before my eyes I/i can only reflect on experience rather than append image to sensation(!) Computers seem to becoming a joke; a battle between artistic and other intent and the happenstance of viral infections, crashing, slowing my system to the point of let's not bother....

Recently, I saw a rather fascinating dance work by Companhia de Danca Deborah Colker. Pivotal to the success of this work was its sense of humour combined with artistic voraciouness. Deborah Colker's dance company are from Brazil, and once again, I am intrigued and excited by this continents artistic output. If North America never really seemed to dissect "high art"and "popular art" then South America (or at least what I have experienced) doesn't seem to care less what constitutes "high" art or "low" art. This healthy attitude seems to blow Western conceptions of culture and cultural history apart.
The music and dance combined and flowed; a fluid and essential relationship. The dance was hauntingly deft, athletic, charming and physical. However, a nod to modern jazz and its tradition would have been a welcome addition to the contemporary embodiment of the work.

Back to time... People are saying the West is "money rich and time poor", I would question this up to a point, however, for those with an income (unemployment, its threat cuts through consciousness like a brazen voice) time and leisure seem fleeting. Interestingly, the more importance time accrues and the greater the importance of deadlines, time seems to slow, Einstein-like, to a point where conceptions of time become arbitrary and misplaced. Maybe our conception of time will alter, from greater accuracy, towards an intuitive sense of now and then, what constitutes history, direction, chance and the future?


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