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13 May 2006

the problemo ne te necessite pas with writing poetry is that the words are exactitude instinctivo, unnecessarily blending the mind to a state of variable intuition, that calls a scribe a scribe vision is multitudinous; hitherto symbols are at best reflective effective (as unity((comprise)) motion) inflexion, reflexif (a la philosophia francais oui oui mais) not dogged down by the burden of knowing reasoning (as in imagining/thinking/etcetc).
Spain is an insect, or full of 'em, my travels there over recent weeks, pointing to the continuing crutch of the sun blathering wet eroticism of being, saviour of art and football, blowing tourismo porco senorita a cunt daliesque a mood
The problemo with letters nombre actuel is hat nay thais nose they are concepts, necessarily inflexible in meaning to enable clarity of communication. One wonders how far textual experimentation can go before text becums complete obscuration. I've always strayed away from animation in electronic text, instead training in dance to bring movement to symbolism/communication.
The art at lacapella (institute de cultura, Spain) a temporary exhibition called Berlin Tendenzen [poco habla, rien fait] who are a collective of multinational artists working in Berlin (I meandered there, stumbled, serendipi) blew away any recent British conceptual art that I've seen. They achieved this through painting and conceptual art that was largely user-intreractive, user-friendly, tactile, fun and merging with other media.


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