25 Nov 2006

Creative Commons


Yes I've stuck a creative commons license on the blog. If you look at the foot of the blog u can see it there.

I've put this license on the art/text works on this blog to protect everyone's copyright (ownership of their own work) and to allow collaboration. In other words anyone can use anybody else's work, as long as they give them credit. I've selected Non-Commercial use only, because not everyone may be happy with people making money out of their work???

Anyway, basically everything remains the same, collaboration, and rights to your own work. The only difference being, that this is validated legally. I know some members know about creative commons licenses, but for those who don't...

Anyway, I hope everyone OK with this, if you're not let me know :-)


p.s. If you click on the creative commons logo it will tell you more about it.

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