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24 Nov 2006

Jack Would - Flow (Crescent/Harrykstammer/RobertChrysler)

as the ocean from new zealand to perth and b ey o n d t h e gl a s s molt en sea
if there is a cheaper program i may have figure entwined figures onefloats pyramids water ’tras blued fluid hues of
in oscillated fusion blue clouds and roped off splash boxes in nights passed blackness ending as he began
protects your children from illegal hackers and java surfing habits
touched oddity under the new sun pining under skys monotony to use difficult something that could be animated he would find
he would find o n d t h e gl a s s
I suppose that this liquid in poetry at the sense that it is imaginative prose i feel continuously that text reminds me of the dance floor and the quizzical athletic enquiry of the body's flow to regard the stillness and character of the world
Jack would find syllables falling embrace imaginary teeth incantation the hair accustomed sight tanned the train midnight spray signaling pearls leftions passing ‘imating passions left jaw‘hundred old orange
Jack wood find a brick for a bridge suddenly his ear this text is a collaboration between Harry K Stammer Crescent and Robert Chrysler as the grey nights frown pushed the illusive hued day visible invisible under the side of its weight the
he would find
the bleakness of white silver gold sun drenched echoes of off ether
in cloud form rude light
masks of elephantine
motioned photography I don't know Robert Chrysler but I dig the poem, y'know so I thought that I would chuck bits of Robert's and Harry's collaboration into my poem "Jack Would"
inexpensive alternative to (copyright)
as creatures crawled into curling shells
and and dreams turned in pictures cinemas escape the minds of authorial creation
a copyright
find three apples some tomatoes and a lettuce cucumber half jacket potatoes x3 cigarettes paper chicken pieces post letter mayonnaise a copyright stroke muscled purple slabs molecules soarsupine below cusps singing love's draped humming grasswatch
and nothing doing and


  • At 5:13 pm , Blogger harry k stammer said...

    cresent, love it... just a note... what i did with Robert's piece would be considered erasure... in the spirit of Robert Rauschenberg's "Erased de Kooning Drawing, 1953"

    i didn't change it, i just removed bits.

    cheers, harry

  • At 12:41 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    It works really well - the erasure :-)

    I felt I had to put my shopping list into the text - influenced by Ceal Floyer, British Conceptual Artist :-)


  • At 7:48 pm , Blogger Robert said...

    double jazzed :)

  • At 8:50 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Hey! Thanks Robert :-)

    I've linked to your blog



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