3 Apr 2008

the rail-sitter

triumphantly as in Goya
let him sit on high
up to the rafters in tar and feathers
out to the state line

oh it was engineered so well
down the pipeline and it went
like clockwork like it was wired
just one time too many

neighbours get your eiderdown
go pluck a duck
and give him the goose

don't spare the chicken

a little emu-lation
will go a long way
toward improving the state of the nation

he's not our Joe nor theirs don't worry
fun for all is here
the one who tells you to get used to it
he goes first

come hoist him up
the yoke is easy
the burden light
lest ye be trodden under
with a sign here please and
don't bother reading it

do-si-do and away we go
with our bustard
coot or

By Christopher Mulrooney
This is one of a number of poems submitted by Christopher, that will be appearing on Saying Something over the next few weeks.

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