12 Apr 2008


"the things I value most in the arts are simplicity and
"I must be middle-class because I have some
spare time to
create art""Touche art your body

passion is a generic question?" "pense de la question? Beneath things and things-things are truths we all know and love not to hold"

"I am as a fish my totality of this banana world""Hedonism is our best science" "transience is a beautiful expectation it lies beyond the reach of trances of paper chase"

"Of all the words I've ever blamed

your value is pigeoned Apollo a wax of taxed breath and the room we charge to be in"

"Your breath is a clutch of flowers a charge quite loaned via a banks bullshit and claimed to Tuesday"

This "poem" inspired by "Dogma" by Roberto Jonata. You can catch his composition "Dogma" on his MySpace

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