4 Jul 2008

Vespers (64)

sang softly he
went home to
where dreams live
pre-recorded sleeping
draws down story
to be taken
past itself deliberate
characters mere presences
beyond one size
fits all notions
north of avenidas

mere word maturation
stuck in theory
verbs live long
in limbs held
still or recovering
range of motion
range of attitude
made to hinder
hurt the hinterlands

what seems renewable
affords its own
divisible informed danger
apart from anger
equally distant from
"older woman" "younger
man" syndrome upon
synecdoche mayhaps and
land owned in
the words of
the unformed naive

mist to come
still yellowed with
the view from

hunger and stilted
redaction of misnorming
stalled fact stripped
angle sorted vials
of fluid answers

once sleep opens
place to concept
large measures broad
cloth and saxons
small to overwhelming
gather here on
purpose to propose
new lingering inceptive
carte-blanche yes
tones purified as
though a winter
magnified toward morning

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