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12 Jul 2008

Boring ephemera ejaculate
Dissed easy night [Internet art is about objections] pissed raison
de sox

Saxophony the truth, in wending
balks, corrugating impressionistic
Savoir faire

Girdered Creole fuck etc. dot com
lithing in straight-jacketed impossible
in di vid u ality

like videos and other dogmatic
whinging [art is bureaucratic] stand up sit down walk
talk cohabitate this three minutes
to environmental statement

Buy your new home is the Internet
dancing with ninety percent a woman
a haven for you Country boy

engendered flesh is a non-machine
in conversion and recommunicate

The traitor of the dark that
lives on borrowed time
our art

Is a squeezy thing that balks
at the very sign of incest [Internet art describes an inability to communicate]
Run to the East

Mobile homes are scattered
about our nubile landscape
your nomad

fudged the whole meaning of existence,
Pissed at a shrinking distance
Me and You

Must make this stance.
And walk 2,3....


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