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4 Jul 2008


Odd awareness how did I not think of that?
I'm not sure I wish of flowers not (perennial)
much to say average height and religious

l'arene chance
I could have asked you for a photograph a dog or cat
something alive to move a (money much is told) subtle shifting

a multiplicity of familiarity. Not strange not
now yesterday maybe? Thinking of Brahms Illness is similar
to the Internet that strange dislocation

emotional numbness or sincerity -too much
honesty for even poetry, whose
lies wait an interpretation closer in

to truth (Evergreens). An apron a viscosity of movement stands upright
against a tide of bullshit. This shit is clarity that presupposes
or desequins a holed on arpeggio of disinterest (reason is emotion)

cascade evolve turn spin
Your illness is a metaphor for life
We must worry, for else we succumb to

your power
And we are fragile far too fragile for that


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