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30 May 2009


one in elegance two contrary to/an imperial sexless
three dichotomy experimental flavourless text
contraption four

explicit perfunctory coagulate simpering prolix
experiation neo-arbitrary ocean of

words we label I that's in five a girl to name your suitor
six Pangaea colloquial world plays down
esoteric animal and

do is your seventh your car in the garage your bill for the plaything
the tapestry of night no religion for might

consequence glamour concept music squash libellous glasses
preordain the fudge for your cap on the apple
is sooth like bread and butter cakes

too arbitrary and personal too makes in your eighth something
say something for God's sakes say it now

undo the miasma of words that break truth into
shards politicians reeling insight is criminal truth
is scaremongering in your ninth

You'll walk to your car talk to your fish fix on the
scribe incision politic selfless is selfish

and survive into ten
your famous for something journey 2 journey back
journey 2 journey back a circuitous motion to break from a trap


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