23 May 2009

Vespers (100)

Central tendencies keep pace with
and without objective
thought. A measured sentence
(held whole note)
proceeds at an agreed pace.

I keep listening to the special
feature on the radio
about near-death experiences,
plural. Various scientists
and various subjects
trade near zeal in opposite
directions. Is complacency
a heart-
felt drama?

One of these days sleep
is going to last
too long. One of these nights
the prayer fed
languor will have
shown caesura power
at an unexpected tilt.

Who has the right
of way along this
lane? "Anyone, anyone?"
Sweet daylight lifts
after the coma
blends into allegations
of a full life.

One of us approaches
depth with or without
perception, all good
intentions aside.
All suppositions
walled off by different
climates absent
a control mechanism.


Dr Michelle Frantom (aka Dr Grafix aka Munted Doll) said...

Near-death, real-death. Only known through personal experience, through the door, whether we want to or not.

I exist, I learn. In the hope that I will die well.

Sheila Murphy said...

Thanks, Michelle, nice.