2 Jan 2007

phone me /don't/

don't phone me bliss call me repetition page me don't call me page repetition list don't see me deconstruct QUEERcall me no don't face off touch me call me the repetition page me I don't know love I c remonstrations talk to me y'know how it is fuck sMONEYex we me you i know you know TWATthe page the repetition page mobile me text you text me email who the fuck am i you you r you r seen some whereHIV something just like RELIGIONu y'know call it quits the last breath number man intuit your husky tones timbre your numbers feel like peace call me crescent call IDENTITYme but do call I left messages email text you decided to have AIDSvirtual relationships bliss list listen i haveCHILD schizophrenia

voices voices voices like dreams CYBERslippage into waking he stalls call me no sense non sense senseless sense hypothetically your schizophrenic mobile me tell me something ROBOTsay it say it loud your FEMALEdelusion of love lust is bodily i feel it i am shizophrenic the repetition page sage in clothes shops rabid tills ting ling linguism move out SYPHILISmove on move up move back sideways shift TOUCHregenerate fuck me as a movement of growth shift sideways crabbyMEANING old bat u y'know i want cyber wi u i JUSTIFYwant cyber wi u ghosts ghosts when i was young i saw an aeroplane turn in the air my first memory 57425235/ i remember seeing things AIDSfrom the first step i took I remember my friend mobile me chip in skin he has schizophrenia

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