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10 Jan 2007

Now let me say this
if it is (a nod to you at once!)
a battle for our flesh our feelings
to dance

I refuse to recognise virtual experience
since i do not trust
my own perceptions, nor
than I'll trust my own

my feelings are not flesh
and my text is no longer
I skin at that name

as if something akin to
art with letters?
how should we propose this
in a world of information

flow? (A nod back) two feet on the floor
you look like a hiccup
carouseling not counseling abound
the floor

who could be anyone, except you.
Leaves are pomegranates lat
I don't hitherto nor
or before, with hindsight far

as we were not much left
I should not astonish this
with inclement academicism

purely intuitive like talking
to your friends
if not that then your self he is
not an elf

maybe unwarranted by times
insidious incremental shifts
I am a transvestite

changing small undergarments
charging to the wind
I'd charcoal butter wind this wand
afore grease, I despair at disparation

clinging to your teachers detention
threatened by funding
travesty we should
have looked logic in the eye

far earlier than we did
particularly considering
the length of academic poetry
should end sooner than later

I don't own words, we share them
1 I a man stand alone
rhododendrons city bushy squirrel
funded orbital anonymity quake
the rusk skill of the training

she bleeds for the morning after
I often dream of fucking her
parse as in extrapolate, when
the shite hits the fan

I miss you like a clock face
trickety tock, you are a welt
of a thousand faces
a megaton of images

who the fuck are ya?
hello phone me I'll catch
your eyes on the TV

We danced for research and development
for a snow of cray
for the sake of stitching up
a yarn the fabric

extrinsic to mobile phones
the yard was a plague of fish
fuck off
we live here


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