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4 Jan 2007


fog's indifferent to transubstantiation, yes? yesterday
I failed to record (reword) the past. so
at an impasse I indulged in otherwise indignant
posture. thus I held the pose like any imposition.
fracture bent itself into a ripe spoon.

what of the nickel faculty within one's formed
hypotenuse? geometry makes part-time sharklift.
do you early on revert to simple shine?
the latticework is dim, old crimson
twilled around the timeshare. stay with me.
impart the earth. reverse the charge.
endure. soon parse. resplend what you repeal.

I think I can ensure your depth (perceived).
please pass the sealed conspicuous inclusion.
how these farthings darken steps. and now the spackled
temperance will renew its vows. I'm listening to your
tinfoil be unfurled. what will there be when we have
wanded our way beyond direct light of the sun?


  • At 10:41 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Thank you Thank you thank you Sheila!

    My blogs been a bit thin on the ground recently :-(

    Much appreciated


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