15 Jan 2007

There is nothing to say
I will say it anyway

STEP 1234
We are the world
undoubtedly keel
You are mine

678 hallucinate
As we chancer
I'd wager the end of poetry
3 months at best blow

It will fail the digital test. There is no luck in poetry nor money bon voyage my clerks! The stranger
I'd rearrange her, er
for tics and whistles
complimentary missiles

is essentially
intelligence shin intuition,
if you will whats a word
the farther the base the nearer the

so to speak flex

The wasted reigns of Africa
so very far
so near
so far far away
closeness as to feel
her breathless breathing
take upon my skin
their breath is like a pulse
but thin
T.S.Elliot was crap
A waste of space
Three cats nor magics more.
To think a better education
is the pulse to
thicker waters

Clerk in the dark

The words we use to day, anyway
use as in do
thing as in think
compute as in stray
best as in shite
truth as in bullshit

cuff as in blank
weapon as in misrepresentation
trial as in attribution
work as in noun
conference as in robot
freedom as in anxiety
certainty as in contradiction
love as in dependence
growth as in mental illness
Code poetry was just that,
a puzzle, as if
tar poetry wasn't hard enough
thro' tangible means personal expression
Surreal may be the word as this is hyper real don't confuse either with reality stray in footsteps to fall thro' lace delphinarium redo I have said nothing undoubtedly i will say it anyway


Sheila Murphy said...

I have thought about this a great deal today.

crescent said...

Thank you Shiela.

Ideas that have been going round my head a lot recently. The Internet/computers have changed poetry, where will/can it go next?
Oh! And I really do think TS Elliot is terribly overated. He seemed better at languages than poetry, most of the time.