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6 Jun 2007


when Copland gave assent there was a pause
and in this pause was never evidence
of anything complete one does not co-locate
with beating heart and expectation

one advances with the tone and one delays
oncoming muted known phenomena
in which waiting is a kiln and there is clay
there being formed into a thought

unlike the act of healing a momentum
seems to hum the unspecific magic
thrumming in the inner ear if that
where weather is an act

and precipice defines the ice reserved
for other times of year when one of us
is never here and there are oceans also
not a part of this equation's invocation


  • At 7:52 am , Blogger carmen said...

    Unspecific Ear

    heart there gave act
    it was part of a kiln
    unspecific expectation

    ice pause

    magic thrumming kiln
    that hums us:
    pauses are beating there

    the kiln reserved
    for evidence


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