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2 Jun 2007

Unfinished (as yet)

Thanks once again to MissBoux
This is less commercial than I've been doing, recently. Any feedback appreciated. Not yet completed.


  • At 9:46 am , Blogger carmen said...

    your miss boux looks rather finished to me, crescent...i suspect you let me the pleasure to enliven your pics with color...:-)

  • At 2:31 pm , Blogger neon said...

    i prefer the right one, although the left one might be more commercial, but one the other hand who am i to choose

  • At 2:49 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    I think the problem is that the 2 pictures together are very different in style and colour. However, to me, they go together! Same model, and the modern image (left) complimenting the more traditional looking image (right)

    Oh! Balls I'll put it up for sale if Miss Boux is OK with it!

    I can't do "commercial" all the time or I'll have a "dark period" like Goya! hahaha lol


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