29 Aug 2007

Industrial Action by UK Prison Officers

The ever-reliable BBC reports on industrial action taken by Prison Officers in the UK. The national strike is concerned with pay and conditions.

This is the latest unrest in public services in the UK. A growing number of public services are facing job losses and experiencing vast amounts of change. Together with the pressures that the private sector are experiencing, I am left wondering what will happen to the UK economy and employment, in the future?

The private Sector are facing job losses and employees are facing a shortage of full-time, permanent employment. There has been an increase in part-time and temporary work. Employees in both sectors have experienced an increase in over-time hours. It has recently been reported that the divide between rich and poor in the UK has widened.

Is the population of the UK destined to become "benefit-dependant", unemployed (or under employed) and seeking new ways to activate their leisure time? Or will the UK become a nation of entrepreneurs, seeking to stimulate economic growth in original areas?

If this is the case, what are the areas where business can thrive and grow? My money is on the arts and sport. Traditionally seen as economically unviable, these areas contribute to social inclusion, both have potent links with health and the arts (in particular) encourage creative thought, which is useful to business, particularly now as the work place is bogged down with governmental red-tape. If there is a growth in peoples' leisure time, then meeting this demand would, naturally, be financially lucrative.

Of course, the Internet is another potential source of income and economic growth. However, can electronic media sustain the kind of workforce that, traditionally the Industrial Sector and, more recently, the Service Industries have employed? Only time will tell....

Link to BBC Article


Little Lamb said...

My hours at work went from 40 hours a week to 35. I have a free hour everyday.

crescent said...

Your Lucky L/Lamb (unless you need the money!!). You are in US so I'm not sure if things are the same as in UK. However, there are some similarities in the workplace occuring accross Western countries.


Little Lamb said...

My free hour gives me more freedom. I can do more schooling. I can finish sooner. (whenever that will be.)