11 Aug 2007

these are clairvoyant times

these are clairvoyant times
we can predict the future before
it arrives chaste ego fore
go realism romantic potion
idiomatic as in spell out runes this is
like early internet art
Loch Ness Monster or to crave a real audience
is IT eclecticism that computer boffins do in their spare time
You can get a job if you have a sex change, don't look so worried a bank loan will cover it and you can get 50K easily and you'll get loads of benefits
1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1
1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1
Enter the valid figure
size 0 or not really here disappear
apparition like virtual soul you are
e t i o imbroglio
mango ice cream ecriture autocracy rules of the toilet
objet moi et vous? Who are you
objet vous communism commune dot com
these are edited times we shall see
the sense of opposition before we have reasoned
the sense of being
before we have been ordered how

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